Meet the Team! UCLan Through the Ages Project Assistant


Hard at work on my first day in the heritage corner of the office!

Hello, my name is Miriam and I am the new Heritage Project Assistant for the UCLan Through the Ages project. That means that I will help organise events and activities and do research around the history of UCLan.

I am currently a third year History, Museums and Heritage student. I feel very fortunate in that the UCLan Through the Ages project will enable me to gain valuable work experience in the field which I am studying. Thank you, UCLan Students’ Union!

I have always been interested in history, and I love to share this passion with others. As a History, Museums and Heritage student you learn not only how to dig deep into history, but how to make it visible to others. This can be challenging, as there are often little traces left of the history that came before the present day. Buildings get demolished and memories fade, and so the past can seem like a very different place.

At the moment, the University of Central Lancashire is at a crossroads. The main campus is being re-designed and old buildings will be taken down and replaced by new architecture. These changes provide an ideal opportunity to reflect upon the area and its history. Since arriving at UCLan I have noticed that this history seems somewhat neglected- I will do my best to rectify this! The project will make not only make the architectural change visible that occurred over the past centuries but will also uncover forgotten and/or neglected histories of local people.

So much for me. Watch this space as we are about to get started with lots of events and activities in the coming weeks!

If you feel inspired, why not volunteer for the UCLan Through the Ages project? Read more about the volunteering here: Become a Volunteer!

Or if you have any suggestions for upcoming events, why not get in touch through our Contact Us page.


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