Haunted Preston Part 2

We hope you have enjoyed our first part of ghostly stories about Preston. We are back with more spine chilling stories, so read on if you dare…

Haunted Fulwood

An army of Roman soldiers is sometimes seen in Fulwood. A Roman road once ran along present day Watling Street Road, though the original street layout was lost over the centuries. Over the years people claimed to have seen a squad of Roman soldiers marching along the original Roman road. If this is not spooky enough, then consider that because the ground level has risen up over the last thousands of years they are only seen from the waist up!

1892 map of Fulwood

Whilst we dwell in Fulwood we should mention the Fulwood Barracks where there are many reported ghost sightings. The ghost of Private McCaffery is said to haunt the Barracks. He had killed an officer and his adjutant with a single shot from his rifle and was tried and executed for this. The Catholic Irish community in the North West of England was sympathetic to him and he inspired a subversive ballad. To this day he is said to haunt the Barracks.

The Garrison Chapel of St Alban, at the entrance to the Barracks, is said to be inhabited by a friendly, sometimes naughty presence. Cleaning material would move around the place overnight, and a brass pot was sent flying across the chapel.

Fulwood Barracks Garrison Church in 1905

The Old Officers’ Mess is also said to be inhabited by a spirit, and there have been unsettling accounts of a ghostly presence.

Old Officers’ Mess

Haunted Railway Tunnel

Miley Tunnel entrance at Fylde Road

Another haunted place in Preston is the Miley Tunnel, an abandoned railway tunnel which runs from the university area to Deepdale. It was used as a train line for passengers from 1840 until 1920 and used as a freight line until 1980, after which it was closed.
The ghost of a little girl named Margaret Banks is supposed to haunt this tunnel. She grabbed the hand of a passenger at Deepdale station as the train left the station, and she was dragged to her death under the train. There is also the Grey Lady who is said to “welcome” any oncoming visitors walking into the tunnel.

Inside the Miley Tunnel

Haunted Pub 

Do you know that the Wellington Inn at Glover’s Court is haunted? It is said to be the most haunted pub in Preston. Objects are sent flying through the air and electrical items have a life of their own. One landlord left after his bed shook.

Wellington Inn

Fairy Funeral

Did you also know that there a fairy funeral was sighted in Preston? It is said that two men, an older and a younger one, walked home by moonlight from a farmhouse at the foot of Castle Hill to Longton, passing through St Mary’s graveyard.

St Mary’s Church in Penwortham with graveyard

They heard the clock strike midnight and walked to the Lodge, where they heard a passing bell. They noticed that the gate of the lodge swung open and that a group of little figures, obviously fairies, stepped out. They carried a coffin and made their way to the graveyard whilst singing a requiem.

Graveyard of St Mary’s Church in Penwortham

This coffin was open and contained a small pale corpse. On closer inspection it turned out that this corpse looked like the younger man, which caused him to ask the fairies how long he had to live. The men followed the fairies to the graveyard, and the young unsettled man tried to reach out to the fairies, who disappeared. The scene he had witnessed drove him mad and he died a month later after falling from a haystack. He was buried in the same graveyard where the mysterious scene had taken place.

As you can see Preston’s history is full of supernatural and spooky stories. We hope you enjoyed our little trip into the twilight of these mysterious stories. Sleep well…

Picture credits

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Fulwood Barracks Garrison Church in 1905, image via https://www.flickr.com/photos/rpsmithbarney/5147314568

Miley Tunnel entrance at Fylde Road, image via https://www.flickr.com/photos/boo66/6100422751

Inside the Miley Tunnel, image via http://www.flickriver.com/photos/phill_dvsn/sets/72157610400076493/

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Graveyard of St Mary’s Church in Penwortham, image via https://lornasmithers.wordpress.com/tag/goblin-tales-of-lancashire/



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