History wins at the Union Awards 2017

On 6th April the UCLan SU Union Awards were awarded as part of Celebration Week, recognising the efforts of volunteers who have made a difference at the Students’ Union over the last year!

Competition was high as there were many nominations and contestants who rightly deserved to win this important award. It’s great to see students rewarded for the time and effort they invest. There was many reasons to celebrate that evening, especially for us at UCLan Through the Ages!

UCLan History Society, who we have partnered up with many times on events for LGBT, International Women’s Day and Black History Month won the Up and Coming Society award. The society, which was set up as a response to UCLan Through the Ages, were nominated for the work they have achieved in partnering up and building links with other societies through their events.

“Their trips to various museums etc are great fun, and the socials are also a great opportunity to connect with people. It’s also great to meet people from different courses or years who share a passion for history! It’s really lovely to meet different people from different backgrounds who share this interest and can connect via their passion.”

The award was picked up by the chair of the society, Sarah Pearson, and the society’s education officer Miriam Kohler, and of course Horace the elk, the society’s mascot! Keep up the good work next year History Society!

Chair and education officer of the UCLan History Society

Special recognition also went to student Sarah Pearson, who won the Inspiring Project Volunteer of the Year award for her contributions to the Union. The criteria for this award was “a positive ambassador for their project; engages in different aspects of the project and it’s development, makes a valued difference to others, goes above and beyond the expectations of their role.”

Inspiring Project Volunteer of the Year Award


Sarah has gone above and beyond her role as History Society chair and has played an important part in the successful running of trips organised with UCLan Through the Ages, which have been very popular with students. Her work has meant that students from different backgrounds have had the opportunity to engage with history. Thank you for all of your help this year and good luck in the future!

Inspiring Projects Volunteer award winner Sarah Pearson

All nominees were deserved winners but we are happy and proud that this year history has had such a positive impact at UCLan SU.


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